Meet the Residents

Cover of the Residents first album "Meet the Residents"
The cover of the Residents first album “Meet the Residents”.

We idolize the Residents and always wanted to have a Residents tee with the image featured on the cover of their debut album “Meet the Residents“. But since we couldn’t find one we decided to make it ourselves.

When this album was released in 1974 it attracted the ire of the Beatles‘ labels EMI and Capitol since the cover art was a parody of the Fab Four’s second US album “Meet the Beatles“. They were threatened to sue, so the Residents changed the cover in the 1977 reissue.

The new cover art was as lovely as the first. As usual it was attributed, in the liner notes, to “Pore No Graphics”, the Cryptic Corporation’s design branch. That is Homer Flynn. It depicted four human–animal hybrids wearing the early 60s beatles grey suits. They all had human bodies although three had prawn-heads and the fourth a starfish in place of the head. And they were identified as Paul, John and George Crawfish and Ringo Starfish.

We hope we don’t get sued by Apple Corps and are confident that the Residents won’t, either, since “There’s a fine line between stealing and influence and the Residents never had any problem crossing that line” (Homer Flynn).

Meet the Residents T-Shirt

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